1. How to do a fund deposit for DOTA777 account?

Fund deposit can be transferred via debit card or bank transfer.

2. What currencies are acceptable by DOTA777?

DOTA777 currently only accept for transactions.

3. Can I use more than one bank account for deposit transactions?

There are no provisions on the number of bank account used for deposit transactions, however the full name of the depositor of bank account must be same with account name listed in DOTA777. Please note that DOTA777 has a right to refuse any kind of transaction conducted by a third party name.

4. Is the transfer/payment slip need to be sent to DOTA777 after I transfer funds via bank?

It is not a mandatory, but in certain situations, your payment slip is needed to simplify the process of your transaction.

5. How long does it take to process the deposit transaction?

Deposit transaction will be processed within 5 (five) minutes after we received your funds. When the account verification is needed for some case, the processing time starts after the verification has been complete.

6. Where can I get the information of DOTA777 account number and how much is the minimum deposit amount?

Please contact our customer service (online 24 hours) to obtain information regarding the account number and the minimum amount for the deposit transaction.

7. How to deposit

Deposit Instructions:

  1. Contact our Customer Service (online 24 hours) to obtain information about the DOTA777 deposit account number.
  2. Please login to DOTA777 website and select "Transaction > Deposit" on menu bar.
  3. Deposit form must be filled by using a valid and correct data.
  4. ::info.Fill the deposit amount without any dot/comma symbol. Ex: 1000 (one thousand Baht)
  5. Enter the correct date and time (am/pm)
  6. Choose selected promotion, if any.
  7. Select "submit" and please be waited while your deposit is being processed.

Please note that any deposit transaction (in/out of promotion) should be adjusted to predetermined policies. DOTA777 has a right to refuse any kind of transaction if it does not comply with the policy. For further information please contact our customer service representative (online 24 hours).

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